Kazia Waugh

“For those of you that have medical need in the lower mainland, but live elsewhere, Honour House is AMAZING!

My husband came home yesterday after 7 months of Leukemia treatments. We found out about Honour House and he was able to stay here for 2.5 months. There is no charge for staying, it was the best place he stayed, the most quiet, homelike environment we found.

For the first few months we paid THOUSANDS of dollars for accommodations when he wasn’t in hospital. Then we learned he could stay here for an extended length of time. All I can say about this place is that it is AMAZING!! This is what the $5 HHcharity donation off our cheque goes too. It is well worth every cent!”

John and Jac from Prince George, BC

“When I received the 1:30AM phone call that my girlfriend Jac had been in a fire and was being medevaced to Vancouver from Prince George,  I was lost. I became hollow. I went through the motions required by any partner in these tragedies that life can throw at us. At that time, I did not know if she would live, I had no plan as to where I would stay while in Vancouver. All I knew was that I needed to be there, by her side. When a friend from the New West Fire Department told me about Honour House, I had the first good news in what seemed like the longest 24 hrs of my life. Honour House gave me new friends, caring conversations, security, and most importantly at that time, a home. Jac is healing well these days, it will be a long journey to full recovery, but all that matters is that she made it through this tragedy. ”

Peter, Colleen & Patrick Groenland from Chilliwack, BC

“A major shock hit our family when my husband Peter Groenland, (recently retired Vancouver Police Department Traffic Sergeant) was in a serious motorcycle accident on June 4th 2014 at exit 200 off Highway 1 & was airlifted to Royal Columbian Hospital suffering a traumatic brain injury & several broken bones. I (Colleen, retired Special Provincial Constable) sat by his bedside for 33 days in New West, frightened & worried for his survival & our future. Honour House provided a beautiful safe warm home as it was too far to commute under stress from our Chilliwack home. Son Sergeant Patrick Miller, PPCLI 3rd Battalion flew in & stayed as well during the first critical weeks. We both are very grateful to Honour House for making this horrific time for our family much easier, more comforting, enabling us to concentrate on Peter’s recovery. After another time period in Port Moody hospital Peter is now home, doing well & receiving daily therapies. For the past 7 years Peter & I founded & dedicated our time to organize the Westcoast Motorcycle Ride To Live, raising funds for Prostate Cancer research, education & support for BC. We are very appreciative & fortunate to be on the receiving end & thank Honour House staff, volunteers and Board of Directors for allowing us this privilege. We hope to draw attention and raise funds in future (when all is well) for this wonderful home away from home.”

Brianne Zwambag, wife of RCMP Constable Josh Zwambag from Fort St John, BC

“Thank you Honour House! You were an absolute life saver for my family. When I was medevaced out of my Northern BC community with  severe pregnancy complications, you welcomed my family with open arms so they could be close to me while I was in hospital for 2 months. The house is beautiful, the volunteers and staff are all  wonderful people and the support you provided us  during a very hard time was what helped pull us  through and ensure we could still meet our financial obligations (such as buying groceries and  paying our mortgage) because we didn’t have to worry about paying for a 2-month hotel stay. I don’t know where we’d be without you!”

WO John Palmer, Deputy Flight Commander of 12 Military Police Flight from Campbell River, BC

“On April 26th, 2014 my seven months pregnant wife, Debbie, was evacuated by air ambulance from Campbell River Hospital because of complications with her pregnancy.  After arriving at Surrey Memorial Hospital it was learned she would remain there until the birth of our daughter Brianna. At 6:21 am, May 8th, 2014,  little Brianna arrived, small, but healthy. Her mother Debbie however suffered complications  following her surgery. As a result of an infection; Debbie remained in hospital for a total of 23 days. Upon discharge, Brianna at seven months  premature had to stay behind and Honour House truly stepped up. Waiting until the last day to determine when Debbie would be discharged, the staff and volunteers made us feel part of their family and the residence felt quite simply like home. We met a lot of people who volunteered to maintain the House and guests of the House from other organisations. There were some sad stories to be shared but many happy endings. Two days short of two weeks at Honour House, our daughter Brianna was discharged from the hospital and we made our long journey home to Campbell River ever in debt to the outstanding staff and wonderful volunteers of Honour House.  Thank you for all your support to my family, the CAF and all of our emergency services.”

Russell K., Veteran BC Paramedic, from Victoria, BC

“Due to ongoing medical treatment in the Lower Mainland, my wife and I are regular guests at Honour House. In a very difficult time of our lives, Honour House and all the wonderful people we have met there have been such a great help for us. Instead of calling friends to ask for a bed or couch for a night or ending up in a hotel, we now have a wonderful place to stay without having to worry about intruding into someone else’s life or the financial burden of paying for accommodation. At Honour House, we enjoy the comfort of our own room with the privacy that comes with it. We can even have a day of rest after treatments which in our case has tremendous medical and also emotional benefits. We would like to thank everyone who has donated their money and time to this wonderful place. A special thanks to all the volunteers who help with everyday tasks, who do a great job providing guests with clean rooms and who keep the whole place in awesome shape. Your effort has made a big difference in our life!”

The Honour House

But if we have been willing to give our lives to this enterprise, which is for the honour of our country, I appeal to our countrymen to see that those who depend on us are properly cared for.

Robert Falcon Scott