Planned Giving

Why Consider Leaving a Legacy to Honour House?

Choosing to remember our brave Canadian men and women and their families with a donation in your Will is a wonderful way to let your care and compassion help those that so often selflessly put their lives on the line to protect us. By including a donation to our charity in your estate planning, it’s possible to avoid quite significant taxes that are usually payable after your death. Your circumstances can change so as you are not actually making a gift until after your lifetime, you can always change your mind and your Will whenever you like.

How You Can Help

There are many ways to remember Honour House in your Will. It doesn’t matter how big or small your donation is, every cent helps us to keep helping our heroes and their families.

Leave a Residual Gift

You can leave a residual gift, which is just a percentage of your estate or of your assets, after others named in your will have received their portion of your legacy. If you have already made your Will and you want to add a residual gift to Honour House, speak to your lawyer or a notary public who will help you to do this. Making this change to your will won’t affect the amount that you leave to your friends and family.

Leave a Fixed Amount

You may leave a “specific gift” or a pre-determined amount of money.

Leave an Item of Value

Why not leave a specific item of value such as property, a vehicle, an antique or jewellery. These items can be sold to raise funds for Honour House.

What you need to know

Just a few simple words added to your Will is all it takes to leave a legacy to us. Here is some information that may be helpful to you when visiting your lawyer:

Our legal name is Honour House Society

Our charitable registration number is 842367294RR0001

Our address is 509 St George Street, New Westminster, BC, V3L 1L1

Show our brave men and women in uniform how much we appreciate them risking their lives each and every day to protect us and keep us safe.